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Product Introduction
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Simple touch method with consideration for the disabled

Product Specifications

When the Open button of the automatic door installed at the entrance of a restroom for the disabled is touched, the automatic door will be opened with a beep sound as the sensor will initiate the switching process for 0.5 seconds. When a person gets inside and touches the Close button, the sensor will cause the automatic door to be closed, with a beep sound, and the lamp “Occupied” will be turned on. In this state, the automatic door will not be opened even when the Open button installed outside is touched.

• Power: -AC220V 60Hz
• Current consumption: 190mA(DC12V)
• Components: External and internal switches, a controller, 2 buried boxes and 6m of wire
• Size: Buried box: 130×140×55mm
Switch: 150×160×15mm
Controller: 192×53×53mm

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