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Overview of the ACU for Network Security Access Control System

The Sen X 2000, 4000, 8000, and 16000 ACUs (Access Control Units) are controllers that can be applied for the access control for medium and large size buildings. Individual models are divided into different types of products with 2-door/4-door/8-door and 16-door control functions. The control units with the 2-door or 4-door control functions are mainly used while those with 8-door and 16-door control functions are limited in their use because of those problems such as, the loss of current due to the distance. The access control units are used together with the access control/attendance management programs in a way that the data, transmitted following the reading by the card reader, are put through a comparison process in order to control the access. They also can be used together with fingerprint readers.?

The applicable main functions include access control for each area based on individual security level, access time restriction, access control for each specific day of the week and weekend as well as for a certain period, and forced opening and restriction of all doors. Through the report function including the one for the access control status, the report about the data, such as not only the dates and times of the access made by the authorized personnel but also about various events, can be made.

Combined with the attendance management program, the access control system can automatically collect the data about the people entering and leaving an area not only at certain times set for people to show up for work and leave the work area, but also at other times than those designated times, and thus can help produce the access data by each person, each department, by each day of the week and weekend, regarding when the workers came in for work and left the office, how late they came to the office, and how many extra hours they worked. Those data can be converted to a CSV file, making it possible to use it through the interlocking with the Excel program.

Access Control Program

. Can set a password for each stage of the 4 security levels
. Can set the access time by each registered group
. Can restrict the access to individual areas by each registered group
. Can control the force opening and closing of a certain door.
. Can register the data of individual workers into the database (ID No., name, card No. job title, group, areas allowed for access, residential No., and departments allowed for access)
. Can includes the access status (Recording of the database of those who enter and leave individual controlled area and also of the access times and areas)
Attendance Management Program

. Attendance data input (Enter the attendance related data)
. Can change the times for coming to and leaving the office (For example, enter the?? attendance-related reference times for coming to and leaving the office)
. Can enter the data for holidays, vacations, and going on business trips.
. Can check and correct the data (Check and correct the attendance-related database)
. Can sort out the daily data
. Can produce the data of the attendance records (Monitor and print out the data related to when they came to and left the office, how late they came and how many extra hours they worked)
. Can produce the attendance data for a specific day of the week and weekend, a specific date of the month, for each person and for each department.
. Produce and save (The data can be saved in the CSV file that can be opened in the Excel program)
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