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Product Introduction
SEN Bio Sensor



• Active infrared sensor
• MICOM based signal processing,energy saving
• Adjustable by taking into consideration the environmental factors, such as snow, rain and bugs
Product Specifications

• Active infrared sensor
The sensor emits the infrared within the detection range and stays in the standby state (No return of infrared), and detects a change, if any, in the returned infrared of a certain amount as it is reflected from a person or an object that enters the detection range.
• It can be installed in various ways (Exposed from the ceiling or from the frame)

• Sensing method: Active infrared reflection
• Installed height: 2.0~3.0m
• Power: DC12V
• Power consumption: Within 160mA (In case of DC12V)
• Power output indication: LED is turned on when the power is supplied. It is turned off when the operation starts
• Output contact: Relay contact 1a (No-voltage)
• Output time: 0.5 Sec.
• Operating temperature: -20℃~+55℃
• Size: W 139m X H 40m/m X D 29m/m

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