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SENiD Automatic Door
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Product Introduction
SENiD Automatic Door


The automatic SENiD door for the disabled is the best quality system that is manufactured in a way that takes the safety and convenience of the disabled into
consideration as the product places the highest priority on the convenience of the disabled.
Product Specifications


Single door

Double doors

Model name



Door width

400~1,500 mm

400~1,500mm X 2

Door weight

MAX 150kg

MAX 120 kg

Open/Close speed

Open: MAX 700mm/sec, Close: MAX 700mm/sec

Control method

MICOM - PID control method

External output

Door status output (Open/Close, Lock/Unlock)

Safety function

Safety Return Opening/Closing Applied All

Power delivery method

Timing Belt Driven

Driving method

D.C Motor

Opening width control function

70% and 100% manually controllable

Maintaining of the opened state

Adjustable ranging from 0 to 30 seconds

Operating temperature

- 25 ℃ ∼ + 65℃


AC 185 ~ 265 V 50~60 Hz

Power consumption



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